Jammers Music Center has been affiliated with Veritas Instrument Rental for over 20 years now. This program is an excellent way to introduce your child or children to the joys of playing music without having to make a commitment to buying an instrument. You can rent directly at Jammers where you will fill out a non-binding agreement form between yourself and Veritas or you can rent online and pick up your instrument at Jammers. Here's how you do it.

Veritas Instrument Rental Step 1

Fill out the instrument rental agreement form online at www.RentFromHome.com or in-store at Jammers Music Center.

Rent from home Veritas Instrument Rental band instruments
Veritas Instrument Rental Step 2

Come pick up your rental at Jammers Music Center. At that point we will proudly show you the new instrument your child will be playing and help explain to them how to take care of it like it's their own. That's it! Very easy.

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