Kids electric guitars

Got an aspiring young guitarist in your home? We've got 3/4 size guitars that are perfect for ages 6-12. This is no toy either. A real guitar, well built that stays in tune and is comfortable to play for an inexpensive price. They come in three colors - red, black, and tobacco burst, a fade from brown to black.

We also carry 3/4 size acoustic guitars that again, stay in tune and are very comfortable to play. No toys here. Just a lot of bang for your buck that will get your child on the path to learning music and having a lot of fun with an instrument.

kids acoustic guitars

They may be under our "Just for Kids" section but kids and adults alike love these little Amahi ukulele's. Very cool and fun sounding, getting your child started on the path of learning music or a fun little instrument for the person who already plays to bring to a jam session.

We also carry bongos and other small percussion instruments like shakers for the child that "just seems to drum on everything!"

kids bongos
tambourines, percussion, and shakers for kids

Hand held tambourines with and without the drum head, double and single row of cymbals are always in stock. We carry from brands like LP and Remo and can get many more!