Remo and Evans drum heads

We carry an extensive selection of drum heads from Remo and Evans. Sizes ranging from 8" tom heads all the way up to 26" bass drum heads and everything in between with multiple models to choose from.

Drum sticks from Vic Firth and Pro Mark. A ton of sizes to choose from including marching as well as drum set sticks. We also have a selection of LP timbale sticks and Mike Baltar marching mallets in various strengths of rubber and yarn.

Vic Firth and Pro Mark drum sticks
Metronomes from Korg and Cherub, Moon Gels for drum sound muffling, Gibraltar drum keys

We've also got all of the essentials for drummers. Metronomes, drum keys, moon gels, cymbal cleaners, studio rings, and Reel Feel silencing pads.